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Guest Artist Program

Please note: We are not currently accepting applications for College House Guest Artists.

Application for College House Guest Artist Program

College Houses & Academic Services (CHAS) and the Department of Music seek applications from College Houses interested in hosting a guest artist for some part of the academic year. We envision the selected House will be invested in the musician/composer and corresponding projects; will offer support in terms of space, publicity, and event coordination; and will be dedicated to connecting the artist to the life of the House community. We do not expect the House to provide housing for the artist, unless availability permits. Once a House has been selected, we will proceed to phase 2 of this pilot, which will be a Philadelphia-wide Call for applications for the position. The call will be designed in collaboration with House staff.

Possible expectations for the chosen artist might include: a series of small-group interactions with interested residents, such as improvisation/jam sessions, coachings, lessons, master classes, and/or small-scale, informal performances; larger, House-wide, formal or informal events featuring the artist but in active and equal collaboration with the residents; discussion events broadening the artist’s participation in an interdisciplinary way, with other subjects and/or the arts, possibly in collaboration with resident faculty and/or existing residential programs; outings to Philadelphia performances with the artist as guide, and/or that feature the artist and his/her performing ensemble(s).

Please submit a proposal detailing the following:

  1. Line-item budget with a maximum total of $2K (subsidized by the College House Music Program) for event/program support*
  2. Description of how an artist-in-residence might enrich the life of your House, especially in terms of connecting with existing programs, and/or building on traditional pieces of your House life
  3. Suggestion as to what type of artist might best serve your interests (e.g. with language the might be used in the Call for Applications for that artist) 

College Houses should submit ideas and applications directly to

*The Music Department will coordinate all payments to the artist independent of this programming budget.