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The University of Pennsylvania is an extraordinary collegiate community with the twelve College Houses at the center of the undergraduate experience. The Houses bring together undergraduates, faculty, staff, and graduate students to form vibrant residential communities within the larger context of a vast, urban campus.

We invite students, staff and faculty to engage in our dynamic communities, whether on a voluntary or compensated basis.

Professional Staff in Each House

Each House has one House Director who essentially runs all day-to-day operations including the supervision of RA and GRA teams. Most have advanced degrees and serve as academic advisors and mentors to their residents; many teach at the University as well. Each House also has a talented House Coordinator who work directly with residents and assists in the complex challenges of making the house run smoothly.

Faculty in Each House

Each House has one Faculty Director, a tenured professor drawn from the diverse Schools of the University, and two to four College House Fellows (some senior Universtiy administrators serve as fellows as well) who assist in bringing academic life out of the classroom and into the homes of students.  Faculty in residence also serve as mentors while inviting colleagues from various disciplines into the House for informative dinners and lectures.

Paraprofessional Student Team in Each House

There are over 200 Resident Advisors in residence to plan activities and assist students with a wide range of issues. They also serve as academic mentors and guides to campus resources. All Houses hire a team of House Managers who assist with everything from running the House website to managing events and facilities to running House Council and the House cafes.  Student employees also provide in-house computing help under the auspices of College House Technology.

College Houses Administrative Staff

College Houses and Academic Services is administered by a central staff composed of administrative staff, College House Technology staff, marketing staff, and the senior leadership team, whose job it is to ensure that the faculty, staff, and RA team in each College House have the resources and support they need to provide our student residents with an academically enriched, personally supportive College House experience.