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Applications are now open

"This is the only program on campus where you get to lead your own research journey in any field, push yourself to get the job done, and gain access to so many resources to support yourself along the way. I tell everyone to apply." -Will Castner, Research Fellow  

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All first-year, second-year, and third-year students currently living in a College House are eligible. A research proposal in any academic field, and at any stage of development, may qualify for this research fellowship; research beginners are welcome to apply as long as they have an interesting idea and lots of enthusiasm. Each House will determine its own specific procedure for selecting its research fellow.

More information about the expectations and responsibilities of a College House Research Fellow can be found here:
Fellowship Expectations and Responsibilities PDF

Framing Your Research Question

  1. Identify a broader topic which is of interest to you and can be investigated.  For example: childhood migration.
  2. Conduct a basic review of current research on this field.  Has anything been written about it?  Can you identify a unique area or angle that has not yet been examined by other researchers?
  3. Define the focus of your field of study by using “how” and “why” questions.  For example: “how does the experience of migration impact children?”  or “why is the experience of migration influential in a child’s development?”
  4. Devise a main research question.  For example: “How does the experience of migration affect children on the US-Mexican border?”
  5. Check that your question is researchable.
    1. Is the research question engaging enough to sustain your interest over a period of months?
    2. Might it be of interest to those in this field of research?
    3. Is the methodology feasible given the time frame and resources available to you?
    4. Will the study produce results which can be measured (quantitatively) or described (qualitatively)?
    5. Is the research question addressing a new issue, or shedding light on an existing issue in a potentially new manner?

Frequently Asked Questions

I am brand new to research - is the College House Research Program for me?

Yes!  This program is designed for researchers at all levels.  It can serve in many ways as an introduction.  It can also serve as a capstone for those who have already started a project.  This community of researchers learn from each other.   

I am currently a first-year student. Can I apply to be a Research Fellow?

Yes! It's never too early to learn how to conduct excellent research, and personalized help from College House faculty can be a great way to begin.

I am currently serving as a College House Research Fellow. Can I reapply for another term?

No. In order to maximize the reach of the College House Research Program, we are limiting the Fellowships to one term per person. You can reapply if not selected the first time around.

Are current RAs or House Managers eligible to apply to become a College House Research Fellow?
College House Research Fellowships are for undergraduate students only, so GRAs are ineligible to apply.  Undergraduate RAs and House Managers are welcome to apply, however.
How many College House Research Fellows are assigned to each House?
There is one Research Fellow per House.  Harnwell, Harrison, and Rodin get to select one or two Research Fellows based on the occupancy of their buildings.  Each House may have additional research programs available for residents.  Visit your House Office for more details.
If selected, how can I use my fellowship funds?
The College House Research Fellowship is flexible.  You receive three installments (less applicable taxes).  Many RFs use their funds to support travel, supplies, living costs, and so on.  
When do I apply?
Visit your House Office and/or reach out to your House Fellows for specific information.  Each House has a window of time to set their deadlines and select a new RF.
If selected, does the RF position impact my ability to receive other fellowships and/or funding through CURF?
No. You can apply for as many opportunities that make sense for your research journey. Learn more on the CURF website.