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College Houses presents the 2024 Penn Student Film Festival

Curated by Nicola M. Gentili (Penn CIMS & Harrison College House), the annual Penn Student Film Festival is a unique opportunity for Penn students to showcase their films!  

All films submitted this year were judged by the members of the PSFF committee divided into two juries. These juries voted for a set of three finalists each. The finalist films were then assigned to a jury composed by faculty at Penn Cinema & Media Studies to decide on the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd prize.


  1. Change of Heart (Kaia Chambers, 2023, 9:25)
  2. Echoing, it doesn’t stop (Ejun Mary Hong, 2023, 3:15)
  3. ChadGPT (Erica Messics, 2023, 7:54)
  4. Goodbye, intruder (Lihao Peng, 2023, 5:50)
  5. Anthea Bao (Sam Salcedo Martinez, 2023, 6:27)
  6. Seeing Red (Angela Xiao, 2024, 1:45)



First Prize:

Echoing,it doesn't stop (Ejun Mary Hong, 2023, 3:15)

Echoing,it doesn't stop


Second Prize:

Anthea Bao (Sam Salcedo Martinez, 2023, 6:27)

Anthea Bao


Third Prize:

Seeing Red (Angela Xiao, 2024, 1:45)

Seeing Red


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!


Penn Student Film Festival 2024 Submission Guidelines:

• Festival film entry is open to Penn students only.
• Films can be no longer than 10 minutes.
• All genres of films will be accepted to the competition. There will not be separate categories for awards.
• All entries must be submitted via Vimeo or YouTube link to Nicola M. Gentili by the deadline of Friday, March 29, 2024. Include: Name and email of the director(s), title of the film, year, runtime, genre, and screening link.
• Each individual or team can submit no more than 1 entry.
• All entries must have been made in 2022–2024.
• We will not disqualify films that contain copyrighted material. 
• We will not accept films that have already been submitted to past editions of the Penn Student Film Festival.

All films submitted will be watched by the members of the PSFF committee on Monday, April 1 and Tuesday, April 2, 2024, divided into two juries. These juries each will choose a set of four finalists. The finalist films will be sent to a jury composed of Cinema & Media Studies faculty, who watch the films on Wednesday, April 3, and choose the winners.

Penn Student Film Prizes

presented by College Houses & Academic Services

First prize: $500
Second prize: $300
Third prize: $200

Past Festivals: 20222021 | 2020 | 2018 | 2017