Kings Court English College House

3565 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6185
House Office: 215.898.2530  • Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM  

http://kcech.house.upenn.edu • kce@collegehouses.upenn.edu

 "A rich, fulfilling experience"

Kings Court EnglishPenn Alumni frequently reminisce about their fond memories of Kings Court English College House, one of the University’s best-kept secrets. Tucked snugly away in one of the campus’s most vibrant corners, KCECH offers students a rich, fulfilling experience fostered by the caring and close-knit members of its community. 

KCECH houses five remarkable program communities: STWing, Biosphere, PIH, Huntsman and WICS. These communities have a profound impact on the House identity, drawing some of Penn’s most diverse students. When not studying or engaging in extracurricular activities, students can be found meeting and discussing with Penn faculty in the dining hall, gardening and planting flowers outside, participating in cultural performances in our common spaces, and perhaps most importantly, taking part in their very first family at the University. Kings Court English College House is a safe “playground” full of possibilities for fun, friendship, peer learning, and leadership skills. It also constitutes a laboratory that fosters debate, knowledge integration, and intellectual growth.

Woman soldering in Kings Court EnglishJoin in regular House-sponsored activities such as Sunday brunches, cultural dinners, Penn faculty talks, language tables and study breaks, cultural exhibitions, student concerts, trips, and intramural games. Our students take the lead in generating and running most of the events such as the Rube Goldberg Competition, Robotics Fair, Lecture Series, Penn Author Forum, Garden and Library Clubs, and Tech Times. In our House, follow your passion and you will make a difference! 

KCECH consists of two separate houses, English House and Kings Court, connected by our award-winning courtyard, one of the community’s most beautiful and historic green spaces. Adorning its outdoor walls are murals by the world-renowned artist, Isaiah Zagar, known for his vibrant and colorful mosaics. Inside, you’ll find paintings illustrated by our very own students, an intimate atrium dining hall, a large multimedia common space, and a quiet library for students to study. On the rooftop, KCECH hosts one of Penn’s first green roof projects and a cozy café and lounge for students to relax and interact with their peers.